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The Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) offers courses online. Courses can be offered upon request by email, or during a designated time that it is offered. Refer to the contact page to email a request. To sign up for a current course, please check listings below.

Introduction to Screenwriting

4-Week Course

Class coming soon

Cost: $145

Course Description:

Introduction to Screenwriting is a 4-week intensive class on the essential techniques of writing a professional screenplay. In the class, you will learn professional screenplay format and the techniques of professional script writing. You will also write a 5-15 page short script for the course. By the completion of this course, you will be awarded a Certificate in Introduction to Screenwriting.

In this course, you will learn:

Professional screenplay format, formatting scenes and sequences, plot, Theme, and 3-Act Structure. The course will also cover character development, writing the Treatment, and pitching to studios.



3-Week Course

Class coming soon

Cost: $100

Course Description:

Students learn the art of motion picture photography within the world of digital filmmaking. This course will cover film formats, camera composition, exposure, lens, filters, depth of field, focus, aspect ratio and 3-point lighting.





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