Writing the next draft of your script and need professional coverage? ECAA offers script coverage! Receive a complete analysis with notes. To submit your work for coverage, simply go to this link for more details. Coverage can take up to 2-4 weeks.


Certificate in Screenwriting

Study Screenwriting in ECAA's accelerated certificate program. Develop your original story. Write a movie and learn professional screenplay format. This certificate requires the student to take two courses in Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting. Learn screenwriting elements: the Hollywood 3-Act structure (or 4-Act structure), character development, and story building. Each student will write a screenplay and write a logline/pitch treatment to sell their manuscript to the movie/TV Industry. Register here. No Prerequisite for certificate. Cost of certificate: $550.00

  Requirements (2 Courses)  
00204 Introduction to Screenwriting 3.0 Units
00300 Advanced Screenwriting 3.0 Units

Certificate in Church Media

Earn a certificate in Church Media. Discover how to integrate faith with Production technology and Internet design, and marketing into a fruitful occupation at your Church or for purposes of staff employment or volunteering at a Church. The program will enrich the student, enable one to serve and with current media skill-sets that help enhance the ministry. Register here. No Prerequisite for certificate. Total cost: $550.00

  Requirements (2 Courses)  
00203 Church Production Technology 3.0 Units
00314 Evangelizing Internet and Social Media 3.0 Units


Certificate in Bible Studies

Earn a certificate in Bible Studies and enrich your faith in God from a Baptist Perspective. This program is an overview of the historical context of the Old Testament and the New Testament, and covers the personage of the God of Israel in relationship to Jesus Christ as the eternal King. Includes some intensive study on the four gospels but from a literary perspective. Enhance your life's goals with faith and knowledge to pursue your career at Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy. Register here. No Prerequisite for certificate. Total cost: $550.00

  Requirements (3 Courses)  
00317 Historical context: Old Testament 3.0 Units
00320 Literary context: The Gospels 3.0 Units
00315 Evidence for Christ: Christian Apologetics 3.0 Units


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