Writing the next draft of your script and need professional insight? ECAA offers screenplay courses! Receive a complete analysis with feedback in each course. Beginning and Advanced courses are offered.


Certificate in Screenwriting

Study Screenwriting in ECAA's accelerated certificate program. Develop your original story. Write a movie and learn professional screenplay format. This certificate requires the student to take two courses in Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting. Learn screenwriting elements: the Hollywood 3-Act structure (or 4-Act structure), character development, and story building. Each student will write a screenplay and write a logline/pitch treatment to sell their manuscript to the movie/TV Industry. Register here. No Prerequisite for certificate. Cost of certificate: $550.00

  Requirements (2 Courses)  
00204 Introduction to Screenwriting 3.0 Units
00300 Advanced Screenwriting 3.0 Units



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