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Course Materials

Course materials for select classes at Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy. The materials can be downloaded or viewed in either PDF or JPEG format.


Scene Studies

Hey Taxi Man!

Blood in the Alley

Donut for Two & A Taxi Cab

Screenwriting Studies

The Three-Act Structure

17 Screenwriting Lessons from Stephen King

Stephen King on Writing

Method-writing-interview with Quentin Tarantino

Is Screenplay Structure Theory Ruining Movies?

Argo - Screenplay by Chris Terrio

3 Act Structure Diagram

Screenplays to read or download online

One-Page Treatment example

Synopsis for Screenplay

Meisner Exercises

Repetition exercises

The Icy Cave: Imagination Exercise

The Uncomfortable Desert: Imagination Exercise

Overcoming Stage Fright: Imagination Exercise

Cold Reads

Ordering from an Italian Menu



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