Writing the next draft of your script and need professional coverage? ECAA offers script coverage! Receive a complete analysis with notes. To submit your work for coverage, simply go to this link for more details. Coverage can take up to 2-4 weeks.


Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) is a Christian Entertainment Arts Academy that offers online workshops and courses for distance education learning. The cost for enrollment in certificates or degree programs vary and are listed below. Scholarships are also available for degree programs. You can register for programs and scholarships here. You can review certificate programs here or degree programs here.

Certificate in Screenwriting Total cost: $550.00

Certificate in Church Media Total cost: $550.00

Certificate in Bible Studies Total cost: $550.00

Associate of Arts in Screenwriting Total cost: $2,650.00

Associate of Arts in Acting Total cost: $2,650.00

Associate of Arts in Bible Studies Total cost: $2,650.00

Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Production Total cost: $5,950.00

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography Total cost: $5,950.00

Master of Fine Arts in Producing Total cost: $6,350.00

Doctor of Philosophy in Film Studies Total cost: $9,650.00


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ECAA offers Entertainment learning in Los Angeles, CA!

ECAA offers certificate and degree programs as well as workshops in Entertainment. Click here for the latest offerings.