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The Film & TV Academy for the Digital Age

Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) envisions your dreams as a training center for your creative goals. In a competitive field of the digital age, ECAA strives to educate and prepare students for the Entertainment Industry. Your talent starts here; men and women of all ages who desire to be educated in specific areas of the Entertainment Industry.

ECAA offers short-term and accelerated certificate courses in Film Production, Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, Copyright Law for Writers, Acting for the Camera I & II, Improv Camera Acting, Acting in Commercials, Entertainment Business, Cinematography, Directing, and Producing for Film, TV and Media.

All courses are taught by a working professionals with extensive college and film school background as well as Entertainment experience. To see the list of course offerings, please visit the Courses and Tuition page.

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Learn screenwriting - reach new ground.

Develop your original story. Write a movie and learn professional screenplay format at ECAA! ECAA offers Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwritingcourses. Learn the Hollywood 3-Act structure (and 4-Act structure), character and story building, character development, and how to write the logline/treatment.

Our screenwriting courses are hands-on lessons, so you will actually write a script if you take the course. The screenwriting courses also cover relevant copyright law, pitching and information on Agents (plus, selling and marketing techniques)!

Actors, learn the art of acting in front of the Camera - your talent starts here.

Imagine having the skills and training to take your on-camera acting ability to the next level. Learn the Camera techniques, set etiquette, and Meisner Technique by enrolling in ECAA's On-Camera Acting courses. You will learn both the art and business of acting, and acting method claimed by some of today's hottest actors! These are hands-on courses, so be prepared to act on camera. In ECAA's Acting for the Camera II course, the students will actually act in a short film produced by the school.

Acting for commercials - learn your niche!

Imagine acting in commercials. You can do it. Thousands of commercials are being produced across Southern California everyday. This is a 3-week course. Learn the skills and training to begin your career acting in commercials. Learn on-camera acting techiques specifically designed for commercials.

Action! You're the Director - enhance your ability with directing actors.

You have a camera. You have a computer. You desire to make movies. That's great. Now it's time to enrich your abilities and earn a certificate in Directing. In this 3-week course, each student will get hands-on classroom instruction directing actors, will engage in scene study and direct a scene on-camera.

Learn Entertainment Business, Copyright Law for Writers and Producing at ECAA!

There is no business like show business, and that's exactly what it is. Take the Entertainment Business course, Producing course, and/or the Copyright Law for Writers course. Learn the business to survive the business. All courses are short-term and accelerated to equip you with exactly what you need - specific, intensive training about deals and Entertainment Law. Take any of these courses to enhance your knowledge of contracts, Guilds and many other spheres of the Entertainment Industry. Most courses offer a certificate at completion to place on your resume.

The courses offered at Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy is designed for enrichment of the Entertainment Arts - to learn the tools of the trade, and/or an entry-level position in the Entertainment Industry.



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Location: Cesar Chavez Community Building, 2060 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

ECAA offers courses in Riverside, CA!

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