Writing the next draft of your script and need professional insight? ECAA offers screenplay courses! Receive a complete analysis with feedback in each course. Beginning and Advanced courses are offered.


The Film, TV & Acting Academy

Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) is a training space for artists in Los Angeles, California and has been founded on Principles of integrity. It envisions your dreams as a learning center for your creative goals and aspirations in a competitive field of the digital age.

ECAA strives to educate and prepare students or continuing professionals for the Entertainment Industry while building experience with a hands-on atmosphere to acquire professional skill-sets. Your talent starts here: boys and girls, and men and women of all ages can hone their craft and be educated in specific areas of the Entertainment Industry.

What does ECAA offer?

ECAA offers acting and production workshops for children, teens, and adults as well several accelerated certificates: Certificate in Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting.

Specific workshops/courses can be taken for specialized growth and they are accelerated in several areas of study in the Entertainment Industry. These workshops/courses can take anywhere from 2-4 weeks to complete. ECAA offers workshops/courses in Production, Screenwriting, Advanced Screenwriting, Copyright Law for Writers, Criminal Law for Writers, Acting for the Camera I & II, Improv Camera Acting, Audition Technique, Acting in Commercials, Producing, Editing, Cinematography, Copyright Law for Writers, Directing, Sound Design, Color-Correction Techniques, Graphic Design, Prop Making, Entertainment News Coverage, The Bible in Popular Film, and even 3D Filmmaking.

ECAA also offers several degrees: Associate of Arts in Screenwriting, Associate of Arts in Acting, Bachelor of Arts in Cinema Production, Bachelor of Fine Arts in Photography, Master of Fine Arts in Producing, and Doctor of Philosophy in Film Studies. For information on enrolling into a specific degree program click here.

ECAA offers internships with certificate and degree programs. Students can intern on a popular Los Angeles film festival.

All courses are taught by working Entertainment professionals with extensive college or film school background as well as Entertainment experience. To see the list of course offerings at ECAA, simply visit the course catalogue.

Learn screenwriting - reach new ground.

Develop your original story. Write a movie and learn professional screenplay format at ECAA! Offers two courses in Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwritingcourses. Learn the Hollywood 3-Act structure (and 4-Act structure), character and story building, character development, and how to write the logline/treatment to pitch your movie to the Industry.

The screenwriting courses also cover relevant copyright law, pitching and information on Agents (plus, selling and marketing techniques)!

Actors, learn the art of acting in front of the Camera - your talent starts here.

Imagine having the skills and training for on-camera acting ability at the next level. Learn acting techniques like Meisner and Method Acting, camera framing with actors, set etiquette, and Union rules by enrolling in ECAA's On-Camera Acting courses. You will learn both the art and business of acting. Claim a method by some of today's hottest actors! These are hands-on courses, so be prepared to act on-camera. In ECAA's Acting for the Camera II course, students both participate and act in a short film produced by the school.

Acting for commercials - discover your niche!

Imagine acting in commercials. You can do it. Thousands of commercials are being produced in Los Angeles everyday. This is a 3-week course, one day a week. Learn the skills and training to begin your career acting in commercials. Learn on-camera acting techiques specifically designed for commercials.

Action! You're the Director - enhance your ability with Production, Editing, and Directing Actors.

You have a camera. You have a computer. You desire to make movies. That's great. Now it's time to enrich your abilities and earn relevant certificates or degrees in Screenwriting, Cinema Production, Photography, or Film Studies. In these 3-week courses, each student will get hands-on classroom instruction in various production techniques that will engage hands-on learning.

Learn Entertainment Business with Copyright Law for Writers and Producing at ECAA!

There is no business like show business, and that's exactly what it is. Take an Entertainment Business course like Producing and/or the Copyright Law for Writers course. Learn the business to survive the business. All courses are short-term and accelerated to equip you with exactly what you need - specific, intensive training about deals and Entertainment Law. Take any of these courses to enhance your knowledge of contracts, guilds and many other spheres of the Entertainment Industry.

Mission Statement:

Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) has been designed for the enrichment of the Entertainment Arts. Learn the tools of the trade and/or gain an entry-level position in the Entertainment Industry. ECAA strives to build integrity in the workplace.


Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) has dedicated allegiance to high quality education. The academic workshops/courses, certificates, and degrees are accelerated, and affordable. The school holds a commitment to completion. Scholarships are available to all who apply for degree programs only. ECAA caters at low cost than most Film School in the nation.


Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy (ECAA) has been founded by CEO Rennie Cowan, EJD/MFA/ABD a Graduate of Chapman University film school programs with a Law degree from Concord Law School, and intensive PHD work in Communication work at Regent University.


Accredation: ECAA is an online Academy with the mission of enhancing the growth and skill-sets of working professionals in the Entertainment Industry. The school is based in Los Angeles, California. It promotes talent, education, and workplace integrity. It is not at this time accredited by the State of California.
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ECAA offers Entertainment learning in Los Angeles, CA!

ECAA offers certificate and degree programs as well as workshops in Entertainment. Click here for the latest offerings.