Writing the next draft of your script and need professional coverage? ECAA can help you with your next draft. ECAA offers professional script coverage. Receive a complete analysis with detailed notes. Coverage can take up to 2-4 weeks, but will certianly improve your next draft. Details are on this page.


Professional Script Coverage.

Writing is re-writing! Rip apart your script for the next draft. ECAA does script coverage on scripts for students and professionals: an in-depth 3 to 5 page analysis with comments, suggestions, heavy criticism and good ideas for improvement. Get through your next draft of that screenplay with ECAA! Now, with friendly student and professional rates.

Get coverage on your short, TV Drama, or Feature script by Rennie Cowan (BFA Film/TV, MFA Film/TV, EJD in Law), ECAA's Script Consultant and Screenwriting Instructor. Cowan has professional experience in script development, coverage and pitching. She is also an award-winning filmmaker, award-winning Film Instructor, and Graduate of Chapman University's Film School programs and Law School Graduate. Get criticism from someone who teaches good storytelling and has pitched professionally in the Industry. In your coverage, details such as story, character development, structure, formatting, marketablity, and genre will be layed out for you.

Coverage is timely and detailed.

Email a .docx Word file or a .PDF of your script to: .

Mail orders are accepted, and you can also opt to mail a hard copy of your script for additional, written notes on the pages. Email for more details:

ECAA looks forward to reading your next manuscript!

Note: All coverage is done on a contract basis to protect you, the copyright owner. To learn more about your rights, and copyright, consider taking ECAA's Copyright Law for Writers course offered annually.

Expect 2-4 weeks for your script analysis (depends on length and type of material).

Price per manuscript (for coverage):

Short Film Coverage - $250

TV Pilot or Episode - $350

Feature Length Screenplay - $350

Novel - $750

No hard copy returns.

Any questions, please feel free to email us at

Or Text the business line at: (323) 323-393-9166




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