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ECAA will be offering several courses this coming Fall and Spring in Riverside!
All courses held in Riverside, CA please click for MAP unless they are online.
Online courses are year-round. You can find ONLINE courses here.

Acting classes for both children and adults.

Film Production classes.

Screenwriting classes.

Playwriting classes.


Monday Nights (Youth/Kids Courses)

Acting in Commercials - 4:45 - 6:15pm / Oct. 7th and 28th

Monday Nights (Ages 13 +/Adults)

Acting in Commercials (Ages 13+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm / Nov. 4th -25th

Wednesday Nights (Ages 13 +/Adults)

None at this time.


Enroll for Riverside classes at RIVREG.ORG

*Some courses in Riverside may require a small material fee of $10.


New course being offered in Spring 2020: Playwriting

Spring/Summer Courses Roundup, 2019!

Short Films with our students that have wrapped this year are: The Chilling Klaven High School Video, Selfie Games and Don't Move. Three of our courses produced these films: Acting for the Camera II, Film Production, and On-Camera Acting Improv (Children). ECAA continues the creepy theme established previously in our earlier films, and at the same location of the old school building.
All films have been shot in 4K, and two multi-cam. All of our films are released on our YouTube channel for actor/crew reels, but also, they air one-time only on Channel 31 cable (Inland Empire). To work on one of our films, please enroll into a course offering above.

klaven  selfie

dontmove  selfie2

Spring Courses Roundup, 2018!

Students at ECAA have been busy with on-camera acting studies as well as shooting their films! Congrats to our Actors who appeared in the short films The Creepy Gallows and Whisper Out Loud, and who also appeared in two student-produced commercials for ICE and Voyagers 2: The Game of Flames (Book Commercial). Below are some posters and production stills to highlight some of the student's work this Spring. ECAA will be gearing up for two more short film productions this summer, so be sure to enroll if you want to participate at RIVREG.ORG

whisper   creepy


gun   elevator

sisters   floor

If you are interested in volunteering at any capacity, please email
ECAA'S Film Production summer course will begin this July 9th. If you are interested in working on film crew for the short film (at any capacity, such as camera, lighting, etc.), then enroll at now!
To watch the films and commercials produced at ECAA, please visit the site's Films page here and the Commercials page here.
For new and returning students, don't forget to enroll through the City of Riverside at RIVREG.ORG !


Summer Courses are here!

This summer, ECAA will be offering Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting. So be on the look out, Screenwriters! Be prepared to enrich your creativity and to learn both the craft and business of Screenwriting!

To enroll in courses, please visit and type in the name of the course in the search box of classes.



Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy @ 2019
Location: Cesar Chavez Community Building, 2060 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

ECAA offers courses in Riverside, CA!

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