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ECAA will be offering several courses this coming Spring in Riverside!
All courses held in Riverside, CA (click for MAP).

Acting classes for both children and adults.

Film Production classes.

Screenwriting classes.


Monday Nights (Youth/Kids Courses)

Acting in Commercials (KIDS) 4:45pm - 6:15pm / April 9th - 23rd
Acting for the Camera (KIDS) 4:45pm - 6:15pm / Feb. 5-26th
Acting for the Camera II (KIDS) 4:45pm - 6:15pm / March 5-19th

Monday Nights (Ages 13 +/Adults)

Cinematography (Ages 15+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm /Feb 5-26th
Film Production (Ages 15+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm /May 7th-21st
Acting for the Camera (Ages 13+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm / March. 5-19th
Acting for the Camera II (Ages 13+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm / April 2nd-16th

Wednesday Nights (Ages 13 +/Adults)

Introduction to Screenwriting (Ages 15+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm / Feb. 7-28th
Copyright Law for Writers (Ages 15+) 6:30pm - 8:30pm /March 7th-21st
Acting in Commercials (Ages 13+) 6:30 pm - 8:30pm / May 2nd - 16th


Enroll at RIVREG.ORG

*Some courses may require a small material fee of $5 - $10.



Spring Courses Roundup, 2018!

As Spring comes to an end, students at ECAA have been busy with on-camera acting studies as well as shooting their films! Congrats to youth-aged students who just wrapped on a spooky short film titled The Creepy Gallows. Post-Production has wrapped. Youth students will be heading off into their commercials class next month where they will shoot a spec commercial!


Adult Acting for the Camera students are next in line and gearing up to shoot their short film (title to be announced) this April 2nd. If you are interested in being a part of a film at ECAA, please enroll now and visit If you are interested in volunteering at any capacity, please email .
ECAA'S Film Production course will begin this May 7th. So if you are interested in working on film crew for their short film (at any capacity, such as camera, lighting, etc.), then enroll at now.
The spring will end with a bang! Congrats to all students, crew and cast members who worked on The Creepy Gallows produced by Entertainment & Cinematic Arts Academy. The film will be added to the school's film library. Below are some advertising stills from the film, and testimonials on the current course offerings. To watch The Creepy Gallows, please visit the site's Films page here.
For new and returning students, don't forget to enroll through the City of Riverside at RIVREG.ORG !
For more information about ECAA's Film Production course starting this May 7th, please visit this link.


gallows1  gallows2  gallows4


Summer Courses are coming!

This summer, ECAA will be offering Introduction to Screenwriting and Advanced Screenwriting. So be on the look out, Screenwriters! Be prepared to enrich your creativity and to learn both the craft and business of Screenwriting! To enroll in courses, please visit and type in the name of the course in the search box of classes.



Entertainment and Cinematic Arts Academy @ 2018
Location: Cesar Chavez Community Building, 2060 University Avenue, Riverside, CA 92507

ECAA offers courses in Riverside, CA!

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